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Metaboverse allows for the interactive and automated exploration of metabolic pathways and interesting patterns that emerge in the network, integrating transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics data and more.

To access the most recent version of our manuscript describing Metaboverse, please click here.

Analysis Video Walkthrough

You can watch the Metaboverse walkthrough video here, or go the General Usage page for a more detailed walkthrough.


Metaboverse is developed and maintained by Jordan Berg in the Rutter Lab @ the University of Utah, along with other collaborators. We welcome pull requests if you would like to contribute to the project.

Metaboverse is perpetually open-source under a GNU General Public License (v3.0).


Have any feedback? Let us know here.
You can also find a general purpose discussion forum here.


- If you have questions, requests, or bugs to report, please use the Metaboverse issues forum.
- Please clearly describe the problem, what you have tried, as well as screenshots of any error information.
- Generally, for any errors occurring during network building, a file named metaboverse_session.log will be output to your specified Output folder. If you receive this file, please upload it to your GitHub Issue. This will output a lot of information, but you can try self-diagnosing by seeing if there is anything in the last ~10-15 lines of this file that might hint at the issue. Otherwise, we are happy to help diagnose the problem!
- It is also often helpful for us to click on the View menu tab, click Toggle Developer Tools, click the Console tab of the window that opens, and take a screenshot of the output in this panel.