Citing Metaboverse


When reporting results obtained using Metaboverse, please include the following language or similar in your text:
“Network regulatory analysis was performed using Metaboverse v#.#.# [ref].”
[ref] Berg JA, Zhou Y, Ouyang Y, Cluntun AA, Waller TC, Conway ME, Nowinski SM, Van Ry T, George I,
Cox JE, Wang B, Rutter J.
Metaboverse enables automated discovery and visualization of diverse metabolic regulatory patterns.
Nat Cell Biol. (2023) DOI: 10.1038/s41556-023-01117-9.


Please include the following citations when referencing Reactome:
Bijay et al. 2020 PMID: 31691815.
Fabregat et al. 2018 PMID: 29145629.